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Experience the past firsthand when you open the cover of Antique and Vintage Fashions, 1745 - 1979, a Collector's Guide. This unprecedented work chronicles over 200 years of fashion trends. Enjoy 800 captivating photographs of real garments, hats, shoes, and accessories. Unlike any other work this features detailed annual fashion trends lists in chronological arrangement so collectors can identify way beyond what is pictured. The identification details are compiled from researching period sources, including fashion plates and periodicals. Photographs of clothing and accessories that reflect the year's trends accompany these lists. The majority of fashions depicted belong to women with a lesser extent devoted to children and occasional examples pertaining to men. The wide time span makes the book useful to see and compare clothing and accessories quickly and easily across many decades. This wealth of information, visual presentation, and yearly arrangement make it an indispensable guide for collectors.

Selections from Antique & Vintage Fashions, 1745 t0 1979

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My Articles on Antique and Vintage Clothing, Hats and Accessories

1. "Antique & Vintage Fashions: A Wise Investment," Collector's Journal, Vol. 33, No 31, Tuesday, March 23, 2010, - cover story on p. 1

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5. "A Passion for Antique & Vintage Fashions,"  Cover Story, August 2010 Issue, Collectors News see the article at http://collectors-news.com/CN8.10CoverStory.pdf
Cover Photo available for viewing online at http://collectors-news.com/

6. "Collecting Vintage Always in Fashion," AntiqueWeek Cover Story article, Eastern and Central Editions, September 20, 2010.
My Contributions to Antique Books

My photo contributions to the Clothing and Accessories Section of Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide, 2010, 28th Edition, August 4, 2009 were taken from my book, Antique & Vintage Fashions, 1745 - 1979, Paducah, KY: Collector Books, August 25, 2009.

I am the Fashion Advisor and Fashion Photograph Contributor (using my photos which appear in my book, Antique & Vintage Fashion, 1745 -1979) for the Clothing and Accessories Section and the Fashion Advisor for the Vintage Denim Section of Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide, 2011, 29th Edition, August 17, 2010.         


PEEK INSIDE ANTIQUE & VINTAGE FASHIONS 1745 - 1979, a Collector's Guide at


Many thanks to all the fans of my first antique book on antique and vintage clothing, hats, accessories, fashions.  My book is the latest and most comprehensive, visually entertaining and informative book on antique and vintage fashions to date.  Over ten years of painstaking research went into this volume.  Only stunning photos of REAL clothing, hats and accessories are within the pages.  You will see the most stunning rendition of clothing in a timeline fashion as every year from the late 1700s through to 1979 is represented with fashions dated down to an exact year or tight date range.  Any dealer, collector or person who wears antique or vintage clothing, hats and accessories needs this book for the visual ease in identifying and dating their collections.  The second fantastic feature is the annual fashion trends lists which begin in the late 1700s and run every year down to 1979 listing researched fashion trends with footnote evidence to back up my research.  My Ph.D. in history and specialty in material culture gave me the cutting edge to professionally research this book beyond what another author would accomplish.  As a collector I hold the greatest respect for all garments, hats, shoes and accessories listed within my work.  Antique and vintage fashions are a lifelong joy for me to collect, research and study.  I want to thank all my readers and loyal fans for their overwhelming support in purchasing the book over the first year of publication.  If you haven't checked it out, it is like no other book on antique and vintage fashion you can buy today.  Thanks!  Antique & Vintage Fashions, 1745 to 1979 by Barbara Johnson, Ph.D. ISBN 1574326163 at www.collectorbooks.com, online and in bookstores.


Selections from Valentines, A Collector's Guide, 1700s - 1950s

Valentines, A Collector's Guide, 1700s - 1950s, is a thorough reference for accurately dating and identifying valentines. The book's dating system uses nearly 1,300 photographed cards arranged in chronological order based on extensive research. Besides the visual arrangement, collectors will find researched lists of design trends, card subjects illustrated, and important publishers for each decade and for each different type of card. These key facts placed at the fingertips of the collector make dating and identification easy, accurate, and enjoyable. Illustrated valentines include those by anonymous and early makers from the United States, Germany, Great Britain, and Canada. Feast your eyes on lacy Victorian valentines, romantic couples, adorable children, hearts, flowers, whimsical mechanicals, dimensional tissue paper cards, sarcastic vinegar valentines, and dimensional fold down cards. Beyond the illustrated valentines, lists of non-illustrated cards by more contemporary manufacturers are compiled so collectors can identify way beyond what is illustrated. Enjoy these sentimental, entertaining tokens of love and affection in a clear, easy to understand presentation that will be an indispensable reference for anyone who loves and wants to date and identify their valentines. ISBN 1574326422, Purchase at www.collectorbooks.com, online and in bookstores.

Valentines, A Collector's Guide, 1700s to 1950s

I am also very grateful for my loyal readership and their purchase of my upcoming book Valentines, a Collector's Guide, 1700s - 1950s.  For everyone who loves antique and vintage valentines, this collector's guide is a visual delight depicting over 1300 antique and vintage valentines from the early 1800s to the 1950s.  Feast your eyes on cupids, gold paper lace, brilliantly colored chromolithography, adorable mechanical valentines and three-dimensional Victorian and pop-up cards.  Delight in the honeycomb tissue paper varieties.  The lists are endless.  Collecting paper ephemera and being able to share my knowledge and expertise with fellow valentine lovers out there is as equal a passion to me as collecting fashions.  As a Ph.D., I carefully researched design trends, subjects illustrated and used owner and publisher dated cards to construct visual timelines so collectors can accurately date and value their valentines.  This book will kindle the romantic and fun-loving in all of us.  I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks! Valentines, A Collector's Guide, 1700s to 1950s, by Barbara Johnson, Ph.D., ISBN 1574326422 at www.collectorbooks.com, online and in bookstores.

Articles on Antique and Vintage Fashions, Valentines and Antique Greeting Cards 
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9. Reprint of "Pieces of Our Patriotic Past," Barr's Postcard News, July 5, 2010 issue




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