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Many thanks to all my readers for their wonderful support in purchasing my soon to be released book on antique and vintate valentines.  This book is the best valentine book on the market as it is a thorough guide to dating and organizing over 1300 valentines.  It has valentine design and trends lists for each decade.  The cards are visually stunning.  Beginning with the earliest examples from Regency England, continuring through the Victorian and Edwardian periods, we travel further into the delightful world of Art Deco valentines, German mechanical cards, the adorable valentines of the Great Depression and those of the 1940s and 1950s. 

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    Dr. Barbara is a Ph.D. in history, a lifetime collector of antiques and an author of two books on antiques, Antique & Vintage Fashions, 1745 to 1979 and Valentines, A Collector's Guide, 1700s to 1950s, besides numerous magazine and newspaper cover stories and articles on antique and vintage clothing, hats, accessories, and  antique and vintage valentines, greeting cards and paper ephemera


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